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Hospitality Industry Forum is a great annual event which brings together representatives of the hospitality industry of Eastern Europe and CIS countries at a single venue for the purpose of peer review, to share experience in hotel management and development, to discuss main issues and establish useful business contacts.

Representatives of the largest global hotel chains, top hotel managers, and representatives of development and investment companies will take part in the Forum.

Hospitality Industry Forum is:

  • Useful hotel management cases will be presented by successful hotel managers
  • Developers’ plans and forecasts for hospitality industry
  • Examples of successful implementation of innovative projects by some leading companies 
  • Traditionally leading local and international companies support Hospitality Industry Forum

Meeting Point Group launched Hospitality Industry Forum, and it is one of the leading operators organizing international events in various business sectors throughout CIS countries and Eastern Europe.




Tel. +48 22 209 89 84

Delegates & Partners participation

Kseniya Vakal


Speakers & Media Partners

Galina Smaglo