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Business event partnership is a privileged program of an advertising campaign which includes all elements of promotion and provides your company with the possibility to have an impact on the target audience and to motivate buying


Benefits of partnerships programs:

  • Direct impact on the target audience: business owners, general i managers, executive and financial officers of companies, heads of key departments i
  • Positioning of the company and presentation of products
  • Increasing of customers loyalty to the company
  • Demonstration the benefits of company to the potential clients
  • Demonstration of solutions, accumulated experience and i competence of your company's representatives
  • Obtaining the access to new clients
  • Broadening of the market for sales of products or services
  • New business contacts (business partners and potential clients), feedback in the discussion mode and as a result of receiving of the contacts database after events
  • Demonstration of an active position of your company
  • Company reputation (trust and weight in the professional business sector environment)


Tel. +48 22 209 89 84

Delegates & Partners participation

Kseniya Vakal


Speakers & Media Partners

Galina Smaglo